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UHE Ilha Solteira vista horizonte


UHE Ilha Solteira vista do horizonte


We are a reference in the generation of clean energy with presence in 11 Brazilian states.

Our energy comes 100% from clean and renewable sources: water (hydroelectric), wind (wind power) and, soon, the sun (solar power). Over the last few years, we have invested in operational excellence and sustainable growth, becoming one of the largest and most important energy generators in the country.


Hydropower is a clean, reliable and low-cost source. It is important to building safe electrical systems and achieving global climate goals.
It is the main source of the Brazilian hydroelectric matrix and our portfolio. In all, we operate 12 Hydropower Plants, two Small Hydropower Plants and have participation in three other assets.

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Imagem da vista externa da UHE Salto Grande.
Parque Eólico Jau Aerogeradores

Wind Power

Did you know that wind energy is one of the oldest forms of energy generation in the world? It is generated from the force of the winds and has been used for over three thousand years. It is one of the main sources of the Brazilian energy matrix, and, like hydropower and solar, it plays a fundamental role in the energy transition process in our country. Through this source, we generate energy in 11 wind farms, distributed in three Brazilian states.

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Solar Energy

Solar parks have gained strength around the world in recent years. Brazil’s privileged geographic position makes the country one of the main markets for the expansion of energy generation through sunlight. We are currently working on the construction of the Arinos solar complex, in Minas Gerais, to soon complement our portfolio with this renewable source of energy.

Imagem de placas de Energia Solar.


We are a reference in the Brazilian energy generation sector as one of the only companies with certification in four international standards and with one of the largest certified hydroelectric parks in the country.

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We invest in our assets, contributing to the reliability and efficiency of the Brazilian electricity sector.

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