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CTG Brasil | Certifications



We are a reference in the Brazilian energy generation sector as one of the only companies certified in six international standards, in an integrated manner.

Our range of certifications reinforces our commitment to process excellence, ethics, integrity, transparency, security and risk analysis based on a robust management model focused on sustainable development.

Excelência Internacional

We have six international certifications renewed annually and certified in accordance with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards. The seals cover our 14 operating units, in addition to corporate processes related to operation, maintenance, administration, energy sales, Compliance and anti-bribery. The most obvious gains are in the adoption of best market practices, focus on continuous improvement, standardization of processes and procedures and recognition of a management system aligned with best market practices, and in line with our culture of ethics, integrity and transparency.

Scope of certification

As the scope of our certification, we can mention:

  • Operation, Maintenance, Administration and Sale of Energy from CTG Brasil Hydroelectric Plants;
  • Operation management (Systemic & Local) and maintenance of electromechanical assets and dams, in HPPs and PCHs under the operation of CTG Brasil;
  • Management of the Integrity Compliance Program, including anti-bribery, for the activities of generating and selling energy in a sustainable way, from clean and renewable sources from water, wind and sun, related to CTG Brasil operations.

Integrated management system

Our Integrated Management System (SGI) guarantees interaction between all departments and processes of the company as a support tool to define and monitor our performance indicators, promoting continuous improvement of the various processes, in alignment with ISO standards. The objective is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes, simplify and optimize management, seek the satisfaction of interested parties and ensure the sustainability of the business.

Integrated Management System Policy

The Integrated Management System Policy establishes guidelines for innovation and improvement in our processes and is directly related to our purpose and values, in addition to contributing to the implementation and compliance with environmental, Health & Safety, and with the development of people in the company’s day-to-day operations.