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CTG Brasil | Commercialization

 Imagem noturna representando a iluminação de uma cidade, com luzes da rua e um prédio ao fundo.


Imagem noturna representando a iluminação de uma cidade, com luzes da rua e um prédio ao fundo.


We are one of the largest clean energy generators in the country and we offer the best solutions in the free and regulated contracting environment.


The robustness of our operations, combined with our technical and investment capacity, makes us one of the main partners for energy commercialization.

100% clean energy is our business

Did you know that the Free Energy Market allows cost predictability, negotiation flexibility and more competitive prices? In addition, you have ample choice and can buy energy from renewable sources, which contribute to the environment and your carbon emission reduction goals.

We sell 100% clean energy and offer the I-REC certification, which guarantees that the energy used in your operation comes from a clean and renewable source.

We are a reference in the Brazilian energy generation sector, being one of the only companies certified in four international standards and one of the largest certified parks in the country. In addition, our energy sales scope is also certified.


CTG Conecta


At CTG Conecta, our customers and business partners have autonomy in monitoring energy contracts signed with us. Through the platform, it is possible to access current contracts, billing history information and manage the contracted amount, with a direct interface with the company’s commercial team. In addition, it is possible to request the purchase of clean energy in a 100% secure digital environment.

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Standardized contracts for electric power purchase and sale:

We sign purchase and sale contracts in standardized operations that generate a significant cost reduction in the electric power purchase for the customer.


Customized contracts for electric power purchase and sale:

Contracts that vary according to the profile, with prior analysis of the demand, current and future needs, and the most suitable type of supply for the unique characteristics of each customer.


Sales forward contracts of electric energy:

Option for early purchase of electric power based on consumption prediction, aiming to ensure the supply to the customer over a certain period of time and with a defined price.


Short-term contracts (Load energy balance):

Contracts negotiated to meet the supply of a particular month, within the deadlines established by the marketing procedures, linked to the Settlement Price for Differences from CCEE (Electric Energy Trading Chamber) with a delivery point in the submarket where the company generating units are located (currently Southeast and Midwest) and where the marketed energy is prepaid (through registration with the CCEE).

Discover our benefits for risk management

The purpose of risk management is to protect our customers from sudden fluctuations in the price of electricity, generated by changes in the PLD (Settlement Price for Differences). Among the main benefits of this service we highlight:

Fixed price guarantee:

Establishment of a fixed electric power price, which always ensures supply at a stable cost.


Indexing the customer’s interest rate

Process consisting of linking the electric power price to an index of interest to the company, such as the combination of indexes for the composition of a “pack”. It’s one more way to offer customer security, supply guarantee, and pricing stability.


Structured operations to monetize customer activity

Exclusive studies to optimize the electric power purchase and sale by the customer, analyzing their activity, market forecasts, and global panorama.


To reinforce our energy trading strategy, we have an active Trading desk to meet the needs of each client, offering the best short and medium term solutions and opportunities.

In addition to agility in operations for decision-making, our partners rely on the guarantee and solidity of CTG, one of the world leaders in clean energy generation.

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