At CTG Brasil, we have the energy needed to boost Brazil’s energy transition, creating a more positive, more abundant and healthier future.

CTG Brasil’s ESG Platform is already becoming a reality, with goals and commitments that will positively impact the company and the society in which we live.

What is ESG?

ESG are the initials of Environmental, Social and Governance. These three letters represent the commitment to good practices that organizations need to adopt to become sustainable. The acronym ESG appeared in 2004, in a publication of the Global Compact in partnership with the International Investment Bank and has been gaining momentum in recent years.

Implementing an ESG agenda means holding organizations accountable for the negative or positive changes we cause in the world, which should not just be limited to governments and public bodies.


"We are a leading company in 100% clean energy, which already represents a great contribution to our society. However, we want to go further, taking a leading role in issues that will directly impact the future of our planet."

Brand, Communication and Sustainability Director at CTG Brasil