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CTG Brasil | Ethics and Compliance

Na imagem, quatro funcionários da CTG Brasil estão reunidos no escritório. Um deles está com um documento na mão mostrando aos demais.

Ethics and Compliance

Na imagem, quatro funcionários da CTG Brasil estão reunidos no escritório. Um deles está com um documento na mão mostrando aos demais.

Ethics and Compliance

We are committed to ensuring ethics and transparency in all our relationships.

Integrity is value to us. Here, we work to build sustainable and reliable relationships with the several stakeholders that interact with us, maintaining the highest standards of governance and going beyond the industry legislation and regulations.

Integrity, Always

As important as the quality and excellence of our services and business is the way we achieve our results. To ensure an ethical and transparent environment, we have good governance practices supported by five pillars: Training and Communication, Ethics Line, Due Diligence, Consulting and Monitoring and Data Privacy. These pillars are regulated in policies and other internal standards, with emphasis on the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy, in addition to a periodic campaign to map and prevent Conflicts of Interest.

This action makes effective the application of the principles of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and our Anti-Corruption Policy in our daily lives, based on the constant improvement of our controls, processes and Compliance Management, reorientation of our professionals whenever necessary, fostering an environment for assertive communication, psychological safety, confidentiality and respect when dealing with topics relevant to the Company.


Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

For us, every day is the day to do the right thing. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct presents the corporate values and purpose that guide our activities, in addition to providing guidelines that define the behavior and ethical commitment expected by all stakeholders in our relationship.

It is also through our Code and our Anti-Corruption Policy that we reinforce CTG Brasil’s commitment to conducting its business in an ethical and transparent manner, fighting against corruption and bribery.


CTG Brasil’s Compliance Program

Since 2017, CTG Brasil has been seeking to strengthen its commitment to ethics and transparency, through constant monitoring and improvement of its Compliance Program (also known as Compliance Management System), which is regulated through our Compliance Program Policy, thus ensuring compliance with the applicable integrity compliance obligations, especially with the requirements of the ABNT NBRI ISO37001 – Anti-Bribery Management System and ABNT NBR ISO37301 – Compliance Management System (“ISO standards”).


Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for Third Parties

Are you or do you want to be one of our suppliers or business partners? Knowledge and acceptance of the provisions of our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct parties represents an important step in consolidating a culture focused on Sustainability and Integrity, presenting the key principles that should guide the relationship between our company, suppliers and society in general.


CTG Brasil Ethics Line

This is the communication channel provided by CTG Brasil for secure and confidential reporting of violations of our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, internal policies/procedures or current legislation. The Ethics Line is operated by a third party company and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via the website https://linhaetica.ctgbr.com.br. or telephone (0800 591 8824), for internal and external public. Reports can be registered anonymously or identified, and CTG Brasil guarantees no retaliation to the reporter in good faith.


Privacy and Personal Data Protection

We are committed to protecting privacy and observing the rights of all data subjects with whom CTG Brasil interacts in its business chain. The processing of this information is carried out in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Law (Law no. 13,709/2018 – “LGPD”) and other applicable laws. Furthermore, CTG Brasil adopts appropriate technical security measures to ensure the protection of personal data processed.

For more information, access the Privacy Policy

To obtain clarification or exercise your rights, contact compliance@ctgbr.com.br.