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CTG Brasil | Governance

In the image, a CTG Brasil professional uses personal protective equipment such as a helmet, glasses and ear protectors. He is looking directly at the photo and smiling.


In the image, a CTG Brasil professional uses personal protective equipment such as a helmet, glasses and ear protectors. He is looking directly at the photo and smiling.


CTG Brasil is guided by the principles of ethics, transparency, equity, accountability and corporate responsibility.

We are in line with the best corporate governance practices in the Brazilian market as established by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC).

Good governance practices

At CTG Brasil, we constantly improve our corporate governance practices to maintain the proper balance in the allocation of rights, powers, obligations and responsibilities among all stakeholders. The objective is to maintain a healthy and efficient operation and, consequently, maximize the creation of value for the company.
We believe that a solid governance model inspires more confidence and enables more assertive strategic decision-making.
In this sense, we voluntarily assume a set of additional obligations regarding decision-making and accountability.

Find out below about our main initiatives adopted to ensure a solid governance model:


Structure of the Board of Directors

  • A Two independent members on the Board of Directors, which currently has five members;
  • The positions of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer are held by different persons, in accordance with the Bylaws;
  • Corporate Governance Secretariat reports directly to the CEO;
  • We have a Statutory Audit, Risk and Related Party Committee.


Policies and reports

  • . Our Governance guidelines and those of the controlled companies are aligned with corporate documents (Bylaws, Policies, Shareholders’ Agreement and Bylaws;
  • We have a Sustainability Policy;
  • We disclose periodic (quarterly and annual) financial performance reports (incluir link do site de RI) that are effective, standardized and aligned with recognized methodologies and duly audited by an independent auditor;
  • We publish a Sustainability Report annually, as per the Global Reporting standard Initiative (GRI) and following the requirements of the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel)
  • .We have a Policy for Transactions with Related Parties and situations involving conflict of interests whose guideline is to ensure that the company’s controllers do not participate a priori in decisions in which they may benefit. The policy brings together a set of rules that go beyond legislation and consider the best corporate governance practices.


Ethics and Conduct

  • .Integrity is a value to us and permeates everything we do. We are committed to ensuring ethics and transparency in all our relationships.
  • We have a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct with guidelines that guide professionals to do business in accordance with the standard of conduct expected by CTG Brasil, based on ethics, good faith, legality, integrity and professionalism, aligned with the best management, governance and transparency practices. We also have a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for Third Parties that defines the guidelines for the professional conduct of our suppliers;
  • We provide our professionals, third parties and stakeholders with a communication channel known as Ethics Line to report suspected violations of laws, regulations, Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and internal policies or procedures of the Company. The Ethics Line is operated by a third-party company and is available via website or telephone, in English or Portuguese, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is widely disseminated to the Company’s internal and external audiences. Reports can be recorded anonymously or identified, and we guarantee the confidentiality of the information entered there and the non-retaliation against the reporter in good faith.

To find out more about our corporate governance, visit our Investor Relations website