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CTG Brasil | About Us

Funcionário da CTG Brasil olhando para o horizonte.

About Us

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About Us

We are CTG Brasil, one of the leaders in clean energy generation in the country.

We operate in a sustainable way, contributing to the growth of the country and the Brazilian energy matrix through the generation of clean and renewable energy, innovation and long-term investments.

Three Gorges


Our origin

We were born from the internationalization strategy of China Three Gorges Corporation, one of the global leaders in clean energy, which built and operates the largest hydropower plant in the world, the Three Gorges Project, and already has more than 109 GW of installed capacity in operations around the world. Our origins, combined with investment capacity, Brazil’s energy potential and local talents, have made us a benchmark in clean energy in the country in recent years.


Commitment to the future

For us, at CTG Brasil, generating clean energy is also generating sustainable development for the country. We are one of the leaders in our segment and we continue to invest in our assets, in new technologies and energy sources, expanding the benefits of our business and reaffirming our commitment to the future of Society.

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Our Story


Launch of the investment platform in Latin America: CTG Brasil is born.


Investment in three important plants: Santo Antônio do Jari (PA), Cachoeira Caldeirão (AP), and São Manoel (MT).


Investment in 11 wind farms in the south and northeast.
First acquisitions of 100% hydropower plants operated by CTG Brasil.


CTG Brasil starts operating Ilha Solteira (SP) and Jupiá (MT) HPPs and acquires the assets of Duke Energy in Brazil.


Beginning of the modernization of Jupiá and Ilha Solteira HPPs.


Completion of the first phase of modernization of Jupiá and Ilha Solteira HPPs.


CTG Brasil reinforces its commercialization strategy with CTG Trading.
Early replacement of the 21 power transformers of Ilha Solteira HPP.


First steps made towards the growth strategy with the purchase of projects of wind and solar power.


Start of construction work of the Arinos.


More than energy

We operate in several regions of Brazil, with unique sociocultural and economic characteristics. More than establishing a lasting relationship with the communities where we are present, we seek to act as an agent of transformation, collaborating for local development and in projects that minimize the impacts of climate change. Discover our initiatives and see how we are transforming the surroundings of our operations.

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Purpose and Values

Our purpose is to develop the world with large-scale clean energy

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We prioritize life

For us, safety and care for people and the environment always come first.

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Our energy is in our people

We believe that each person has a lot to offer and together we can do even more.

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Integrity, always

For us, ethics are non-negotiable and permeates everything we do.

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Excellence in everything

We work to excel ourselves each day. We understand that efficiency is doing things in a simpler way.

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We Innovate to Transform

We are bold and connected. We collaborate to deliver solutions that create value for everyone.