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CTG Brasil | CTG Brasil arrives in Paraíba and boosts local development with social projects in five municipalities

 Imagem de um profissional da CTG Brasil em uma das Usinas

CTG Brasil arrives in Paraíba and boosts local development with social projects in five municipalities

 Imagem de um profissional da CTG Brasil em uma das Usinas

CTG Brasil arrives in Paraíba and boosts local development with social projects in five municipalities


One of the leaders in clean energy generation in the country, CTG Brasil announces its arrival in Paraíba, bringing with it a broad local development plan and social projects for five municipalities: São Vicente do Seridó, Baraúna, Nova Palmeira, Picuí and Pedra Lavrada.
The company’s landing in the region is for the construction of the Serra da Palmeira Wind Complex, which will cover these cities and is currently in the process of releasing environmental licenses for construction. The new venture is part of the expansion of renewable sources that the company has invested, aiming to stimulate its decarbonization agenda and fight against climate change.

The company, present in 12 states, has social projects to leave a positive legacy not only for the environment, but also for society. In 2022, CTG Brasil invested R$17.4 million in social initiatives, with its own and incentivized resources, reaching 107 municipalities and more than 86 thousand people.

“Aware of the social and environmental impacts generated by the implementation of power generation projects of the magnitude of the Serra da Palmeira complex and committed to mitigating these impacts and CTG Brasil’s commitment to caring for communities and long-term relationships, these actions are fully aligned with our ESG strategy and the UN Sustainable Goals”, explains Ronan Max Prochnow, Sustainability & ESG Manager at CTG Brasil.

Socioeconomic Diagnosis
In order to understand the reality of the region, identify weaknesses and define actions aimed at developing and improving the quality of life of the local community, CTG Brasil carried out a socioeconomic diagnosis in the cities near the new implementation in Paraíba, with detailed studies, data surveys and dialogues with local authorities and leaders. The participation of focus groups with different segments of residents, including family farmers, was essential to identify the main social and economic aspects of the municipalities. This information supported the construction of the social investment plan in the territory. The company initially defined some initiatives that are already underway and that cover the areas of education, culture, leisure, sport and assistance to women, children and the elderly, sensitive points identified by the diagnosis. Get to know the projects in progress

The partnership with the Musicou project, managed by Sustenidos Social Organization of Culture, promotes guitar classes and regional music instruments, such as accordion, among others, for children from six years old and the elderly. The project is underway in the cities of Picuí, Nova Palmeira, Pedra Lavrada, São Vicente do Seridó and Baraúna, and directly serves 293 people so far.

Street Soccer
In partnership with the Instituto Futebol de Rua, a non-profit organization, CTG Brasil promotes sports, education and development activities for children in social vulnerability, with 50% of the vacancies going to girls. The project is underway in four cities in Paraíba, and directly serves 320 children, indirectly impacting 960 people, considering their families. The contemplated municipalities are: Picuí, Nova Palmeira, Pedra Lavrada and São Vicente do Seridó.

Sports and Education Partners Network
In partnership with the Department of Education of Pedra Lavrada, the Sport and Education Institute supported by CTG Brasil promotes the training of coordinators, pedagogues and teachers of municipal schools in order to qualify them technically, aiming to improve the quality of physical education classes, raising awareness of students and teachers for health care and arousing interest in this area as a professional career option. Currently 45 educators are being served by the program.

Active life
In partnership with the Municipal Council of the Elderly, through the Municipal Fund for the Rights of the Elderly of Picuí, this project serves 250 elderly people, of both sexes, in activities in the areas of social assistance, health, sport and leisure. The actions are carried out at the Elderly Living Center, and at the Vida Ativa Social Center, both in the municipality. Weekly meetings are held where various themes are worked on with the elderly, work activities, music workshops, dance, water aerobics and nutritional education. A van for transportation and assistance to the elderly was acquired with the resources of this partnership.

Child and Adolescent Support Center
Through the Incentive Law with the Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescents, in partnership with the Municipal Council for Children and Adolescents of Picuí, the initiative is aimed at the collective and individual monitoring of children and adolescents from 07 to 17 years of age, in situations of vulnerability and / or social risk. They are attended by multi-professional teams composed of: Social Worker, Psychologist, Pedagogue, Physical Education professional, as well as music and dance workshops, 100 children and adolescents with disabilities, from child labor or who experience other violations. The beneficiaries receive a monthly scholarship of R$ 50.00.