SENAI and CTG Brasil inaugurate clean energy innovation habitat in Rio Grande do Norte

On the occasion, SENAI’s first public call will be launched in partnership with CTG Brasil for prospecting and evaluating technologies for the development of green hydrogen

CTG Brasil is the first company to inaugurate its Innovation Habitat at the SENAI Institute for Innovation in Renewable Energy (ISI-ER), in Natal (RN). One of the leaders in clean energy generation in the country, the company has been increasing its investments in research, development and innovation, seeking innovative solutions for the challenges of the company and the electricity sector, and that benefit the environment and society. The action is part of a major partnership with the National Service for Industrial Learning (SENAI) to boost research and innovation projects focused on the Brazilian electricity sector. During the inauguration of the space, the first Public Call – Green Hydrogen Strategic Mission will also be launched.

The Innovation Habitats are collaborative environments to strengthen the relationship with industries, and, in the case of this one that is being inaugurated, it offers a physical space linked to the SENAI Institute for Innovation in Renewable Energy (ISI-ER). The ISI-ER will be responsible for sharing the infrastructure and the specialized team so that companies can identify and develop innovative products and processes using the habitat. The expected results are local and national development, with the co-creation of customized solutions in research, development and innovation ((RD&I).

“The national network of SENAI Innovation Institutes is the largest innovative infrastructure in the country and is fully engaged in the development of innovative solutions that will help in the competitiveness of the electricity sector in Brazil. The partnership with CTG Brasil is fundamental for the development of new technologies in renewable energies, promoting connection with researchers from Europe and China, accelerating technological routes in Brazil”, emphasizes the national director of SENAI, Rafael Lucchesi.

CTG Brasil’s Clean Energy Innovation Habitat will help in the search for partnerships with companies, institutions and startups in Brazil and, subsequently, can collaborate to enable international partnerships. The company aims to attract solutions focused on renewable energy sources for new businesses, energy commercialization and the green hydrogen value chain.

“The production of clean energy and innovation are in our DNA and we have invested in strategic partnerships, such as this one with SENAI, in order to boost the innovation ecosystem and generate solutions for the challenges of the company, the electricity sector and society , also contributing to the development, including scientific, of the country. We continue to invest in the Brazilian hydroelectric matrix, focusing on the diversification of our asset portfolio and on the complementarity of energy generation sources”, emphasizes Silvio Scucuglia, Director of Strategy and Business Performance of CTG Brasil. The Rio Grande do Norte habitat is CTG Brasil’s second innovation space. The company also has the CTG Brasil Innovation Hub in São Paulo, another fruit of the partnership with SENAI.

For the director of the ISI-ER and the Center for Gas and Renewable Energy Technologies (CTGAS-ER), Rodrigo Mello, the arrival of CTG Brasil is seen as an impetus for the state of Rio Grande do Norte to position itself at the forefront of technology . “It is an important step in a context in which Brazil, a country of commodities, needs products with more added value. And RN, which is a leader in wind power generation, is also positioned in this way as a state that contributes to the country entering the international vanguard of technology in a strategic sector”, he noted.

Green Hydrogen Strategic Mission

In addition to the inauguration of the Clean Energy Innovation Habitat, SENAI and CTG Brasil launch, this Thursday (14), the Public Call – Green Hydrogen Strategic Mission for prospecting and evaluating technical, commercial and technology arrangements involving and fostering the green hydrogen value chain. The objective is to boost clean energy solutions, focusing on production, storage, distribution and new sources, but also on other areas that are part of the green hydrogen chain, such as mobility, industries and agriculture.

Access the regulation here

For the Superintendent of Innovation and Technology, Jefferson Gomes, it is essential to include green hydrogen as an alternative source of energy, in addition to creating support and incentive mechanisms to make the technology viable in Brazil. “We have a great challenge ahead of us, in showing that it is possible to develop other energy sources. The use of green hydrogen is still new in the industry, but we believe it will play an important role in the energy and sustainable transition in the country”, he says.

The call is part of the Industrial Mission category and entries can be made through the Innovation Platform for Industry. Companies, startups, science and research institutions, public or private, interested in solutions and challenges for the development of the green hydrogen chain in the country have until November 19 to apply.

The initial investment in this project is up to R$18 million, R$3 million of which will be SENAI’s counterpart for distribution, according to pre-established rules in the notice. The maximum period for carrying out the projects is 36 months, counted from the date of signature of the Technical and Scientific Work Development Agreement.

The action will be coordinated by the SENAI Regional Department, in Rio Grande do Norte, through the SENAI Institute for Innovation in Renewable Energy (ISI-ER). The ISI-ER will have a fundamental role in structuring and curating the projects received according to the notice.