CTG Brasil releases 105 thousand fishes in reservoir of Ilha Solteira HPP

CTG Brazil released on Friday (February, 8)), 105 thousand fingerlings of the species pacu and curimbatás in the river São José dos Dourados, in the region of the reservoir of Ilha Solteira HPP. The mayor of Ilha Solteira, Otávio Gomes, was in place to accompany the release, along with the company’s technical staff.

The action is part of the Program for Management and Conservation of Ictiofauna, conducted by CTG Brasil with the objective of repopulating and guaranteeing the diversity of fish in the Jupiá and Ilha Solteira hydroelectric reservoirs through the production and release of native species. The two reservoirs receive 2.1 million fish each year. The release points are authorized and determined by the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA).

The native species used in the releases are produced at the Hydrobiology and Aquaculture Station maintained by CTG Brasil in Salto Grande (SP). The laboratory for fish reproduction occupies an area of ​​22 thousand square meters. At the site, research is also being developed, in partnership with universities. In addition to Jupiá and Ilha Solteira, the Station is responsible for releasing 1.5 million fingerlings per year in the eight reservoirs controlled by the company on the Paranapanema River.