CTG Brazil does testing equipment for downloading the Paranapanema River Mills

Draining the water from hydroelectric reservoirs is a normal and necessary procedure for level control in the rainy season. To check the discharge bodies (spillways, ducts and sluices) of the plants and ensure that they are functioning properly, CTG Brasil will carry out tests and inspections at the Jurumirim, Chavantes, Salto Grande, Canoas II, Canoas I, Capivara, Taquarucu and Rosana power plants, on the Paranapanema River, from October 5 to 24.

Because of the tests, in this period there will be opening of floodgates, but it is important to point out that the operation is done considering the safety of the riverside communities. Therefore, it is worth emphasizing that the tests will not affect the day-to-day life of those who live around the reservoirs, since the floodgate openings will not be significant and the level variations will be minimal.

“It is an important preparation that precedes the rainy season, which runs from November to April. The goal is to ensure that the mechanisms and systems of discharge of the power plants will be in optimal conditions of operation, when they need to be activated”, explains Evandro Vasconcelos, vice president of Generation of CTG Brazil.

Also in the period prior to the rainy season, CTG Brasil will promote meetings in municipalities adjacent to the Paranapanema Power Plants to expose the operation of hydroelectric and reservoirs and explain the Emergency Operation System (SOSEm), a set of standards and procedures for operation and maintenance for periods of droughts and floods.